Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Services

Peritas surveillance and counter sourveillance services

Peritas Protection Solutions Surveillance personnel are highly skilled in electronic surveillance, only using state of the art technology and the attained know how.

Peritas surveillance services

We undertake surveillance operations ranging from static covert surveillance to teams of mobile operatives, with the real world capability to technically gather information. Our surveillance specialists are able to carry out searches of your premises, both commercial and residential, for any hidden electronic bugging devices. Our surveillance personnel are handpicked for each task, ensuring that they fit in with the operating environment and meet with the clients’ needs. Both our male and female personnel are trained to the highest standard in Counter Surveillance and have advised Peritas clients that they may be a victim of a physical or electronic surveillance threat. We are able to deploy surveillance teams all over Asia, Middle East within 48 hours (visas and flights permitting) and within 24 hours within the UK.

Peritas surveillance

Peritas can offer our clients a Surveillance and Counter Surveillance service that is simply unmatched by our piers.  (When in the UK, Peritas Protection Solutions works within the UK Laws).