Close Protection CP/Dignitary/Executive/VIP

peritas close protection

British & Foreign Royalty, Dignitries, CEO’s, Executives, Private sector elite, are often at heightened risk from criminals, terrorist, espionage and for this reason Close Protection is vital.

close protection

Professional Close Protection operations are always of an extremely sensitive nature. After carrying out a detailed security/threat assessment Peritas will produce a comprehensive and cost effective operating plan, ensuring that our clients can continue with their normal activities safe in the knowledge that they are under the observation of our CP personnel.

close protection

All Peritas CP operatives are intelligent, polite and discreet. They have extensive knowledge and a number are able to speak 2-3 languages, thus allowing them to adapt fast and with ease to any cultural, political and religious environment that they are working in. All are absolute professionals with a consistently good track record with in this highly specialised field.

close protection

Peritas Protection Solutions does use male and female CP operatives. Our operatives are all highly experienced professionals and before joining us must be able to prove that they have completed a minimum 5 years service in the fields of CP and Security. All have worked domestic and internationally for many of the worlds Goverments and Blue chip companies before starting with us.

Peritas has the ability to deploy a single CP operative or whole Close Protection Team to any part of the world within 24-72 hours (visas and flights permitting).